A Personal Post…

Hello Gentle Readers!

I’ve been reading back through my previous posts, and I realized that they’ve been light, and airy, and fun, but there’s not a lot of substance there. I’ve never mentioned a bad day, or a struggle, or anytime I’ve felt frustrated. And really, I think you learn the most about people when they’re not at their best. So here’s a post where I honestly express some feelings.

I have two major sources of frustration right now. The first is, I recently had some major surgery. The surgery and hospitalization were obviously unpleasant, and the recovery is not a walk in the park, but the thing I’m struggling the most with is the limitations on riding! I won’t be able to ride for three to six months, which is tough. To be honest, I know it’s not the end of the world, but I was extremely upset at first. Flynn and I have been making great strides forward (pun intended), so this feels like a bit of a setback for me. I’m trying to keep it in perspective though. Even though I can’t ride, there’s plenty of things I can do from the ground! I’m going to work on long longing, and self-loading on the trailer. Maybe I’ll even teach him to bow! So while my situation isn’t ideal at the moment, it’s not a complete disaster.

The second frustration is the lack of reviews for my books! I can tell that people are downloading, buying, and reading both books in the series, but there’s not one review for either book. Which, as an aspiring author, obviously means I’ve convinced myself the books are terrible and just no one wants to tell me. The good news is I have a few author interviews/spotlights coming up in the next few weeks, so hopefully that’ll bring in some positive reviews.

So there you go Readers! Those are the frustrations in my life right now. Honestly, in the scheme of life, things could be way worse, but I thought I’d be honest for once. Not everything is unicorns and cups of tea!


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