A Valley Fog

Hello Readers!

So I think I’ve come to a decision on the title of my newest work, “A Valley Fog”. It’s the story of Alana Morell, a woman who, haunted by her own lack of confidence (and the demons from her past), has let her dream of running a successful eventing stables fall to ruin. Instead, her farm has barely survived as poorly run boarding facility. Alana is a loner and believes she is doomed to failure, until one of her boarders steps forward with a proposition. Together, the two just might save Alana’s dream after all.

I’m extremely excited about this story. It’s a departure from my young adult writing, this one is much more directed to the older crowd. I’ve been typing away, and hope to have it finished within the month. We shall see though, as with all things writing and life, I fully expect this to take longer than planned. You can be sure that I will make it well known when it is published though 🙂

So I’ve shared my next exciting project with you, what is something exciting in your life? Do you have something fun coming up, such as a visit from a friend, a new project at work, perhaps a vacation? I hope you have something. I fully believe that at any one time, one should have something to look forward to. Even if it’s just a cup of tea in the morning.



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