A New Idea, A New Inspiration

Good morning Readers!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday full of the three f’s: family, football, and food. I know I did. Sundays are always such a melancholy day for me, it’s still the weekend, and still enjoyable, but there’s always that little creeping thought in the back of my head that’s saying “Monday is here tomorrow…” I try to shush that voice as much as I can, but it’s always present.

Last night I suddenly had an idea for a story. These are my favorite times, when inspiration strikes, and I can picture a scene perfectly in my head. I typed away long into the night, editing and changing and writing, and I’m pretty happy with where everything is going. It’s not part of the Shade Break Farm series (which, don’t worry, I am also working on), but it is another horse-centered book. This one will be directed more towards the adults though. I think it’s really going to good; I’ll post some snippets from it when I have the story a little more fleshed out.

I normally don’t write late at night, I prefer to write early in the morning with my traditional morning cup of tea. It was actually nice though, writing just by a little bit of the lamplight, curled up in my bed. Luckily I had my trusty companion to keep me company. He’s great to bounce ideas off of, and is perfectly content to hang out for hours as I type away!

Frankie takes a well earned work break.

Well Readers, I hope your Mondays are going well. Remember to take a little time for yourself today, even if it’s just a few minutes to enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee. A break might be just what you need to survive the day!


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