Annnnnd Here. We. Go!!

Well Gentle Readers, it’s finally happened! The second book in the Shade Break Farm series has been published. I owe you all the most sincere of apologies, it has taken me much, much longer to write this then I had planned on. The funny thing is, I actually wrote the book in a fairly short amount of time, but I spent probably three times as long editing it as I did writing it in the first place. It was very important to me to provide you all with a quality product, and I feel confident in saying that I’ve done that. I really hope that you all enjoy it, and whether you do or you do not, please consider swinging by Amazon and leaving me a review.

I hope you all have had just a lovely summer. It’s been dreadfully hot and humid here, and seemed like we would never feel the first crisp mornings of fall. But, like life, time marches on, and it’s slowly but surely started to cool down. The afternoons are still toasty, but the mornings have started to carry a hint of crisp leaves, apples, and pumpkin along the winds. I must confess, if I could follow Fall around the planet and live in this season perpetually, I would do exactly that.

Speaking of fall, I’ve already got plans for the next book in the series. I think maybe something about a hunter pace is in order. I’m imagining apple cider, and crunchy orange leaves, and perhaps even a costume contest for the residents of Shade Break Farm. Speaking of residents, several new boarders will be joining our little family shortly, and I can’t wait to introduce them all to you. But for now, please read and enjoy the newest book in the series. And just remember, when in doubt, kick on!!


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