A Quiet Summer’s Eve

Hello Readers,

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, and took a little time for themselves at some point. We all get so busy in our lives; running errands, taking care of our kids or our significant others, tackling our goals and dreams. I only recently have started to try and make time for myself. During the week, this might be as simple as waking a few minutes early to enjoy a cup of tea without rushing off. Or it might be something as extravagant as some takeout sushi and a glass of wine on a Friday (I’ll let you guess if that was how I spent this last Friday!). Whatever you do, it’s always grounding to take a moment to reflect on yourself, where your life is, and where you would like it to be.

This weekend, I was able to take a few moments to replant the planters on my patio. I’ve been putting it off, seeing as we’ve had some very weird weather lately. Also, I hadn’t yet decided whether I would plant vegetables or flowers, or some combination. In the end, I’ve planted a few herbs (lavender, basil, rosemary), and several varieties of flowers. It really does spruce up an outdoor space. Now, in the mornings, I enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in my comfy outdoor furniture, and type away on my laptop while I listen to the morning birds.

Speaking of writing, I’ve done a lot of it this weekend. It’s funny how the writing bug seizes me, and I always write in fits and starts. Today for example, I was throwing in a load of laundry (a Sunday tradition), when a need to write overtook me. I quickly picked up the laptop, and typed out another 1,000 words, changing a story arc slightly (I think, for the better), and advancing our girls along in their journey. It’s possible that my mind just wanted to get out of a mundane chore such as laundry, but I like to think it was a little present from the muses of writing!

In regards to the book, it’s coming along very nicely. I know I told you all it would be done this month, and (knock on wood), I see no reason it shouldn’t be. I’m about 3/4 of the way through, and I have the rest of the story blocked out. For those of you who are curious, usually I begin by thinking of the main goal of the book, then creating an outline. I’ll often start at the beginning, and write from start to finish, but occasionally there’s a scene I’m very excited about so I’ll skip ahead and then come back later. Once I have the story written out, I’ll go back through, not looking for editing errors per se, but rather finding where there are plot gaps. Plenty of times a scene feels like it needs to be fleshed out more, or requires more dialogue, so I’ll fix those pieces. Finally, I’ll go start to finish and fix formatting, spelling, punctuation errors. And then I publish the book for you!

I’m off to finish the laundry I started earlier, but I hope you all have a very wonderful week. And remember, take a few moments for you this week, whether you take a moment to make a cup of coffee, you go for an evening walk, or you sit down with a favorite book. Until next time, dear Readers.


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