A Woodsy Weekend

I apologize for the delayed blog posts. I just got back from a wonderful weekend spent at a small cabin in the mountains. I was able to fall asleep to the sound of crickets, watch a sky packed with shooting stars at night, and do several hikes beautiful hikes among the waterfalls and dark woods. Weekends like that are good for the body and the soul. I wish I had done some writing, but it was a weekend to relax and reflect, not a weekend to create!

I’m sure some of you are wondering whether any of the characters in the book are real. Well, I like to think there’s a little bit of me in Sarah (and a little bit of her in me as well). A few of the characters down the line will be based on real animals I’ve known and loved, but for right now the only real critter is Flynn. For those of you who are curious, he actually was pulled from a kill pen. Here was his picture from the auction:


And here is a current picture of him:


He’s much like the Flynn you read about as well. He loves to sleep, and generally saves his energy for the moments he REALLY needs it. He’s a pretty quirky horse, but I couldn’t ask for a better one!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, and gets to enjoy the short week. Ta-ta for now readers.


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