A Plane Trip


Hello readers! I officially came home from desert today. I always enjoy traveling, but there’s nothing like coming home and relaxing in your own home. Right now I’m drinking a cup of sleepy time tea and trying to get a little writing in. I missed out this morning, since I had to get to the airport. I’m the worst about waiting until the morning of a trip to pack, and today was no different! So no morning of relaxed writing like I was hoping for. Completely my own fault though.

I’m starting to see a lot more views on the page, so if you’re one of my new readers, welcome! And if you’re one of my old readers, welcome back 🙂 And of course, by old readers, I mean someone who has read all two days worth of blog posts I have here… Hopefully over time, you all will stick around and will officially become old readers.

I do have to admit to everyone, writing a book and this blog is absolutely terrifying. Putting myself out there and ASKING people to critique my work is a giant step. I feel that it’s going to be a good step in personal growth though. I’ve never regarded myself as a “tough” person, but I’m definitely going to have to be to deal with negative reviews.

So share below. What’s one time that you really put yourself out there in the world?



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