A Beautiful Morning for Writing

Hello everyone! Thanks for checking back in. I’m currently traveling around the country right now. I’m actually spending some time in the desert, which is new for me. I’ve seen so many critters, I had no idea how lively it could be out here! A few days ago I gave a lizard a ride in my car, a burrowing owl hooted at me from the side of the road, and two jackrabbits chased each other in circles around me. I love seeing all this wildlife. And the cacti are pretty neat too.

I did a lot of writing this morning as well. I try and write a little bit each day. Some days it’s good, some days it’s not, but I try and form the habit pattern so that my brain realizes “Oh! It’s time to work now.” My favorite time to write is right when I wake up in the mornings. Before I even get out of bed, I pull my laptop out and type away. Sometimes I write an outline for the day’s writing, sometimes I’ll actually work on the story itself. After I find a natural breaking point, I’ll grab some tea (or some coffee if I need a caffeine boost), enjoy a bit of breakfast, and then keep working. I’m not terribly productive at writing in the latter part of the day. I think of it like in the morning, my brain isn’t too clouded by the days events, and I can let my creative thoughts flow before I start worrying about running to the grocery store!

I think you guys will be pretty happy with the next book in the Shade Break series. There’s exciting things happening at the farm, and Flynn and Sarah are starting to see all their hard work pay off. I won’t give you too many specifics now, but keep checking back for updates. I will say, it’s a much longer book than book 1. I wanted Book 1 to act as a very basic introduction to the characters, and establish how Flynn came to the farm. I just wanted to give everyone a taste, to see if there was actually interest in the series! I expect Book 2 to be finished sometime next month, although I don’t want to give too specific of a date. Sometimes I get stuck on a certain part and it takes me awhile to really sort out the details. I know how frustrating it is to wait for the next book in a series though, so I’ll update you on the publishing date when I can. Until next time, dear readers, I’m signing off as: “Wishing for Dessert in the Desert”.


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